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About USITT Northern Boundary

We are the Northern Boundary Section of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology. Our membership is drawn primarily from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa. Like our national Institute, our Section provides a forum for communication for everyone involved in design and technology. It is the goal of this organization to promote the exchange of information that is pertinent to design and technology in theatre, opera, dance, entertainment, and allied professions and support the mission of the national Institute. 

USITT's Regional Sections stimulate the exchange of ideas and information among those within a specific geographical area. Regional Sections and their volunteer leadership have strong ties to the overall USITT organization, which grants them charters, but are independently run organizations. Regional Section activities can include masterclasses, tours, exhibitions, and competitions. Individuals and organizations can join and participate in the activities of more than one section in addition to USITT.

Additional information about USITT Regional Sections can be found here 


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